Fanless, Linux-ready mini-PCs build on Up Squared and Up Core SBCs

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2017-09-26 22:25
Aaeon unveiled two fanless mini-PCs based on its Up Squared (Apollo Lake) and Up Core (Cherry Trail) SBCs, featuring up to 64GB eMMC. Following up on last December’s UP-GWS01 gateway mini-PC, which was based on Aaeon Europe’s original community-backed Up Board, Aaeon announced a similar “UPS-GWS01” model based on its Intel Apollo Lake-driven UP Squared […]
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Ataribox gaming console will run Linux on AMD

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2017-09-26 17:27
Atari will soon launch a $250 “Ataribox” gaming console that runs a customizable Linux stack on an AMD CPU with Radeon, and provides media player features. Atari’s return to the gaming console business after a 20-year absence was confirmed by the company in June, and the first images were teased in July. Now, Atari has […]
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$17 RPi HAT features 8-channel ADC and industrial temps

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2017-09-25 22:59
A Raspberry Pi HAT called the “8-channel ADC Board” provides a 10-bit ADC with 8x channels split into voltage divider and zero-ohm jumper configurations. Burgessworld Custom Electronics has gone to Tindie to sell an “8-Channel ADC Board” Raspberry Pi HAT for $17. The developer created the analog add-on board to “accurately measure voltages and take […]
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Arduino unveils tiny, battery powered MKR boards for LoRa and 3G

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2017-09-25 22:07
Arduino launched two 67.6 x 25mm boards for wireless IoT nodes based on Atmel’s SAM D21 MCU: The MKR WAN 1300 offers LoRa, and the MKR GSM 1400 provides 3G. At the Maker Faire in New York this weekend, Arduino unveiled two new “MKR” IoT boards with the same 32-bit, Cortex-M0+ based Microchip/Atmel ATSAMD21 MCU […]
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Linux panel PC offers IP69K protection against jet spray

LinuxGizmos - Fri, 2017-09-22 19:39
TechNexion has launched a 10.1 inch, 1280 x 800 capacitive touch panel PC that runs Linux or Android on an i.MX6, and offers IP69K protection. TechNexion, which has long been a provider of COMs and SBCs based on Freescale/NXP i.MX SoCs, also sells a line of Linux- and Android-friendly i.MX6, i.MX6UL, and i.MX7 based panel […]
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Add-on board expands i.MX6 UL SBC

LinuxGizmos - Fri, 2017-09-22 16:35
MYIR released an add-on board for its Linux-driven, i.MX6 UL-based MYS-6ULX SBC that adds a second LAN port, plus CAN, RS485, camera, audio, and RTC. In April, MYIR released a Linux-powered MYS-6ULX SBC, which was notable for being available in two different versions using NXP’s low power, Cortex-A7 i.MX6 UltraLite (UL) or the more affordable, […]
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Kaby Lake rugged box-PCs include Linux-ready beast with 9x GbE ports

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2017-09-21 23:55
Aaeon unveiled two rugged embedded PCs that run Intel’s 6th or 7th Gen CPUs. The Linux-friendly “BOXER-6640M” stands out with 9x GbE and 8x USB 3.0 ports. Aaeon’s BOXER-6640M and Boxer-6640 build on the same fanless design, ruggedization features, and support for 6th Gen Skylake and 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors as its recent Boxer-6639. […]
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Tiny PocketBeagle is the RPi Zero of the BeagleBone world

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2017-09-21 21:42’s $25 “PocketBeagle” USB key-fob BeagleBone clone is based on the Octavo OSD3358-SM SiP module, and offers micro-USB and microSD links. has released its smallest BeagleBone variant yet. The COM-like, 56 x 35 x 5mm PocketBeagle is a USB key-fob SBC built on the Octavo Systems OSD335x-SM System-In-Package (SiP) module that was announced earlier […]
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Firefly COM dual boots Android and Ubuntu on hexa-core RK3399

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2017-09-20 17:54
Firefly’s “RK3399 Coreboard” compute module features Rockchip’s hexa-core RK3399 with up to 4GB RAM and 16GB eMMC, and is supported with a new dev board. Firefly has taken the guts of its Rockchip RK3399 based Firefly-RK3399 SBC and squeezed it onto a computer-on-module. The RK3399 Coreboard sells for $95 with 2GB of DDR3 and 8GB […]
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Linux-driven Sitara SiP module shrinks to 21mm square

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2017-09-20 01:08
[Update: Sep. 20 –] Octavo’s OSD335x-SM is a 40 percent smaller version of its AM335x-based OSD335x SiP that adds a 4KB EEPROM. There’s also a compact, open-spec dev board. Last year, Octavo Systems added a new twist to BeagleBone development when it released its 27 x 27mm OSD335x System-In-Package (SiP) module. The OSD335x, which went […]
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Fanless Skylake computer offers four PCI and PCIe slots

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2017-09-19 21:59
Adlink’s MVP-6010 and MVP-6020 embedded computers run Linux or Windows on Intel 6th Gen CPUs, and offer 4x PCI/PCIe slots, 6x USB ports, and 4x COM ports. If Adlink’s new MVP-6010/6020 Series looks familiar, that’s because it’s a modified version of the recent MVP-5000 and last year’s MVP-6000 industrial PCs. The top half appears to […]
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Portable Android SDR player supports DRM and DAB

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2017-09-19 17:41
Titus SDR’s Android-based “Titus II” Software Defined Radio receiver has a 7-inch touchscreen, a WiFi hotspot, and support for FM, AM, DRM, DAB, and DAB+. Titus SDR is prepping an Android-based wideband digital RF receiver with Software Defined Radio (SDR) capabilities and a hi-fi amplifier. Built around a 7-inch Android tablet, the portable, battery-powered Titus […]
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Linux friendly IoT gateway runs on 3.5-inch Bay Trail SBC

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2017-09-18 23:01
Win Enterprises’ rugged “Win IoT-380 Gateway” is built on a 3.5-inch “MB-80580” SBC with an Atom E3826 SoC, dual GbE ports, mSATA, and optional WiFi and 3G. The Win IoT-380 Gateway is the first Internet of Things gateway we’ve seen from Win Enterprises, which says it’s built upon a 3.5-inch SBC. The unnamed mainboard turns […]
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Rugged panel PC scales up to a 19-inch touchscreen

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2017-09-18 16:48
WinSystems’ fanless, IP65-rated “PPC65B-1x” panel PC runs Linux or Win 10 on a quad-core Atom E3845, and offers 10.4 to 19-inch resistive touchscreens. WinSystems has begun shipping a 5-Wire resistive touch-panel PC for industrial HMI applications that features extensive ruggedization features. The PPC65B-1x provides -20 to 70°C support, as well as IEC 60068-2-64-rated vibration, IEC […]
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Ubuntu-enabled open source SDR board shrinks in size and price

LinuxGizmos - Fri, 2017-09-15 23:50
Lime Microsystems launched the $139 “LimeSDR Mini,” a size- and cost-reduced sibling of its Ubuntu Core-enabled LimeSDR board, at CrowdSupply. Lime Microsystems, a developer of field programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers for wireless broadband systems, has gone to CrowdSupply again, to fund a size- and cost-reduced variant of the LimeSDR board that it launched there last […]
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Linux drone controller has HDMI input and long-range WiFi

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2017-09-14 23:22
The ArduPilot based “Emlid Edge” drone controller runs Linux on a quad -A53 SoC, and offers an HDMI input, long-range 5.8GHz WiFi, and a UAVCAN GNSS module. Emlid, which has previously launched the Raspberry Pi based Navio and HAT-ready Navio2 drone controllers, has now opened $699 pre-sales on a much more advanced Emlid Edge controller, […]
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Linux-ready 3.5-inch SBC drives compact, fanless box-PC

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2017-09-14 21:47
Advantech announced an Intel Braswell based “PCM-9310” 3.5-inch SBC with triple display support, plus a 1U height “EPC-S101” embedded PC that runs on it. Advantech announced its 3.5-inch PCM-9310 SBC in passing as the foundation for its EPC-S101 “bare-bone chassis” industrial computer, which it touts for its slim, 1U, 39mm height. We’ll focus primarily here […]
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In-car telematics and connectivity platform runs Linux

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2017-09-14 17:50
Laird unveiled a Linux-based “Open Platform” for telematics and in-car connectivity with WiFi, BLE, and NFC, and optional GPS/Glonass, LTE, and 802.11p. Linux is finding its way into car systems that move beyond in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and into telematics and connectivity. On the low end, we’ve seen products like the recent, Raspberry Pi Zero W […]
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LoRa access point offers Yocto or Node-RED Linux development options

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2017-09-13 22:29
MultiTech has launched a rugged, Linux-driven “MultiConnect Conduit AP” LoRa access point with 8x LoRa uplinks, LTE, and optional mDot and xDot end points. MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit AP supports the increasingly popular, long distance, low-power LoRA RF technology and LoRaWAN Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification. The Linux-powered Conduit AP is designed to be […]
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Linux-ready module features Atom C3000 and 4x 10GbE ports

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2017-09-12 23:22
Congatec’s “Conga-B7AC” is a Linux-friendly Type 7 COM with up to a 16-core Atom C3000, and support for 4x 10GbE, 32x PCIe, and industrial temperatures. Congatec delivered one of the first COM Express 3.0 Type 7 modules with its Conga-B7XD, based on Intel 5th Gen “Broadwell” Xeon D and Pentium processors. Now it has introduced […]
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