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Linux-based RFID portal designed for complex data fusion

Wed, 2017-10-25 22:26
Datalogic’s “DLR-PR001” RFID portal reader runs Linux on an Atom Z510, and offers 4x RFID antennas plus GbE, USB, serial, GPIO, and optional GPRS. Italian RFID technology producer Datalogic has unveiled a high-end RFID portal reader designed for real-time inventory management in warehouse, automatic gate, and retail environments. The Linux-driven DLR-PR001 is essentially an IoT […]
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Samsung adds more secure Artik models, and switches from Fedora to Ubuntu

Wed, 2017-10-25 02:00
Samsung unveiled extra-secure versions of its Artik COMs, including a new Artik 055s model, and it’s switching its Artik 530 and 710 from Fedora to Ubuntu. At last week’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2017 in San Francisco, Samsung announced several updates to its Artik line of computer-on-modules. The Korean CE giant has always touted the […]
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Smallest, cheapest Banana Pi yet ships for $23

Tue, 2017-10-24 22:36
SinoVoip has launched an open source “Banana Pi M2 Magic” SBC with a quad -A7 Allwinner A33, WiFi and BT, a 40-pin RPi header, and a 51 x 51mm footprint. SinoVoip has introduced its smallest and lowest cost Banana Pi hacker board to date. The open-spec, 51 x 51mm Banana Pi M2 Magic — AKA […]
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Linux-friendly SBCs deliver Kaby Lake or Skylake on an ATX platter

Tue, 2017-10-24 17:37
Aaeon’s “IMBA-Q170A” and lower end “IMBA-H110A” ATX boards support 7th or 6th Gen S-Series CPUs with extensive PCIe, M.2, SATA, and USB 3.0 expansion. No pricing was listed for the IMBA-Q170A and IMBA-H110A boards, but they’re billed as “two of the most affordable offerings on the current single board market.” The very similarly equipped ATX […]
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PC/104-Plus SBC runs Linux on a Vortex86DX3

Mon, 2017-10-23 23:12
WinSystems has launched a rugged “PPM-C412” PC/104-Plus SBC with a dual-core Vortex86DX3, dual LAN ports, and -40 to 85°C and dual display support. The PPM-C412 is being promoted by Arlington, Texas based WinSystems as an upgrade path for users of the circa-2009 PPM-LX800, a PC/104-Plus SBC with a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 processor much like […]
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Highly modular industrial computer offers Kaby Lake or Skylake CPUs

Mon, 2017-10-23 22:01
Cincoze’s rugged, “DX-1000” system offers 6th or 7th Gen Core and Xeon 3 chips plus triple displays, dual hot-swap SATA, 4x mini-PCIe, and other expansion. At 242 x 174 x 77mm, the DX-1000 is larger than Cincoze’s similarly rugged, 150 x 105 x 56.02mm DA-1000, which runs on an Atom E3826. Logic Supply resells the […]
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BeagleBone based 3D printer focuses on ease of use

Thu, 2017-10-19 17:35
The “Voladd 3D Printer” features a Linux-driven BeagleBone that connects to a cloud-based sharing site, plus a unique cartridge and cooling system. San Sebastián, Spain based Voladd has won Kickstarter funding for a Voladd 3D printer that runs Debian Linux on a BeagleBone Black SBC. Like several other Linux-based printers we’ve seen (see farther below) […]
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Skylake embedded computer has a thin 1U profile

Wed, 2017-10-18 22:51
Advantech has expanded its line of fanless, barebone EPC computers with a 43mm high “EPC-T1232” system based on a Skylake U-series thin Mini-ITX board. In August, Advantech launched its Linux-ready AIMB-232 thin Mini-ITX SBC featuring 6th Gen “Skylake” U-Series CPUs. Now it has followed up with an EPC-T1232 barebone computer based on the SBC, or […]
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Kaby Lake Pico-ITX SBC features dual M.2 slots

Wed, 2017-10-18 21:28
Aaeon’s “PICO-KBU1” SBC is built on Intel 7th Gen U-series CPUs with up to 16GB DDR4, dual GbE ports, and M.2 B-key and E-Key expansion. The PICO-KBU1 SBC is equipped with Intel’s dual-core, 15W TDP 7th Gen U-series CPUs from the latest Kaby Lake generation. Other 100 x 72mm Pico-ITX boards that run Kaby Lake […]
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Rugged, Linux-driven HMI touch panel has built-in 4G

Wed, 2017-10-18 20:03
MYIR has launched a $239, HMI touch panel with a 7-inch resistive screen that runs Linux on a TI AM335x, and offers -10 to 70°C support and a 4G LTE module. MYIR’s Linux-based “MY-EVC5100S-HMI” touch-panel computer is designed for HMI systems in industrial control, manufacturing, vending, food and beverage, automation, and utilities applications. MYIR has […]
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World’s smallest i.MX6 tapped for customizable Linux SBC

Tue, 2017-10-17 18:49
Gumstix has added the tiny, Linux-driven NXP SCM-i.MX6 module to its Geppetto design library, and has launched a “Cobalt MC” SBC to showcase the COM. Gumstix continues to add more computer-on-modules and SBCs to its Geppetto D2O design library, offering more options for developers to build custom designs online for prototyping and quick manufacture of […]
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Rugged Apollo Lake computer fits into small places

Tue, 2017-10-17 16:42
Portwell’s compact “WEBS-13D1” computer offers Apollo Lake options, 4K-ready DP and HDMI, 6x USB, -20 to 60°C support, and shock and vibration resistance. Portwell’s 200 x 150 x 80mm WEBS-13D1 is one of its smaller embedded computers, although it’s not quite as petite as the similarly Apollo Lake driven, 150 x 150 x 60mm WEBS-21D0. […]
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Compact Kaby Lake module loads up on USB and PCIe

Mon, 2017-10-16 20:07
Aaeon’s COM-KBUC6 is a COM Express Type 6 Compact module with “Kaby Lake” Core-U CPUs, 5x PCIe, 12x USB, and 3x SATA III. Aaeon has revised its Intel 6th Gen Core based COM-SKUC6 COM Express Type 6 Compact module, which we covered in brief in 2015 as part of Intel’s Skylake announcement, as a new […]
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Intel-based IoT edge computers offer up to 10x GbE and PoE too

Mon, 2017-10-16 18:46
Corvalent’s new “CorEdge Box PCs” offer Bay Trail or Haswell CPUs with up to 10x GbE, up to 6x serial, and 4x USB ports, plus an optional PoE model. Corvalent’s new CorEdge Box PCs focus on IoT edge computing, including monitoring, networking, and data acquisition applications. They join other Corvalent embedded computers including the CorBox […]
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Renesas taps new 10-year SLTS kernel from the Civil Infrastructure Platform

Mon, 2017-10-16 16:43
Renesas upgraded the Linux stack for its RZ/G SoCs to use CIP’s 10-year SLTS kernel. Meanwhile, the standard LTS kernel will expand from 2 to 6 years. The Linux Foundation launched the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project a year ago with the intention of developing base layer, open source industrial-grade software starting with a 10-year […]
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Raspberry Pi 3 based laptop features DIY hacking bay

Sat, 2017-10-14 18:27
Pi-top has revised its RPi based laptop with a 14-inch HD screen and a slide-off keyboard that reveals a cooling unit and DIY space for a breadboard kit. Pi-top’s Raspberry Pi driven laptop has received a major upgrade with a new model with a slightly larger 14-inch, HD screen and a 6 to 8 hour […]
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10 open source Linux robots from car-bots to humanoids

Sat, 2017-10-14 00:13
Linux robots come in all shapes and sizes from rovers to chatty humanoids. Here are 10 intriguing terrestrial robot kits with open software and hardware. Back in 2014, we struggled to fill out our top 10 roundup of Linux-based robots and padded the list with conceptually similar autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and unmanned aerial vehicles […]
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21-inch capacitive panel PC taps quad-core Bay Trail SoC

Fri, 2017-10-13 18:46
Advantech’s Linux- and Android-ready “PPC-3210SW” panel PC has a quad-core Celeron N2930 and an IP65 protected 21.5-inch capacitive HD touchscreen. Advantech’s 21-inch PPC-3210SW touch-panel computer runs Linux, Android 4.4, Windows, or Windows Embedded on an Intel “Bay Trail” Celeron N2930 with 4x 1.83GHz cores. The SoC has a 7.5W TDP, helping the system achieve relatively […]
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Linux-friendly embedded PC pours on the PoE

Fri, 2017-10-13 17:12
Aaeon’s rugged “Boxer-6639M” industrial PC supports 6th or 7th Generation Intel CPUs and provides 8x USB, 6x RS-232/422/485, 3x GbE, and 4x PoE ports. Over the last year, Aaeon has spun off a number of similar versions of its fanless, Linux-ready Boxer-6xxx line of fanless industrial PCs. The new Boxer-6639M is so similar to last […]
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New SODIMM-style COM standard to debut on an Allwinner A20 based module

Fri, 2017-10-13 00:02
Olimex unveiled a new “SOM204” form factor for computer-on-modules and previewed an open spec, Allwinner A20 based “A20-SOM204” COM built in the new format. Last week Olimex announced it was standardizing all future computer-on-modules on a new “SOM204” form factor with an 204-pin SODIMM edge connector. It also previewed the first SOM204 module: the “A20-SOM204,” […]
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