Arduino Nicla Voice supports speech recognition, BL5.0 and integrates 9-Axis IMU

LinuxGizmos - Sat, 2023-01-07 05:36
Arduino recently presented a compact low-power embedded module with machine learning capabilities. The Arduino Nicla Voice is based on the Syntiant NDP120 processor optimized for Deep Learning applications and the ANNA-B112 u-Blox module for wireless connectivity. Similarly to the Nano 33 BLE Sense Rev2 recently featured, the Nicla Voice is equipped with the ANNA-B112 module […]
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Espressif presents new dual-core ESP32-P4 RISC-V SoC

LinuxGizmos - Fri, 2023-01-06 07:01
Espressif System shared details about the upcoming Dual-core RISC-V ESP32-P4 SoC. The announcement mentions that this 400MHz ESP32-P4 SoC includes an “AI instruction extension, an advanced memory subsystem, and integrated high-speed peripherals.” The block diagram below depicts a “big-little” architecture consisting of a High-Performance CPU and a Low-Power Core. According to the announcement, the HP […]
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TQ-Group introduces SMARC 2.1 module based on Alder Lake-N processors

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2023-01-04 08:06
Germany based TQ-Group unveiled a SMARC 2.1 embedded module compatible with multiple Intel Atom x7000E Series, Core i3 and Intel N Series processors. The TQMxE41S is a low-power module equipped with 2x 2.5GbE ETH, triple 4K@60Hz  display support, high-speed PCIe and multiple I/O interfaces. The product page specifies that the TQMxE41S can be configured with […]
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ASRock debuts NUC Box Series with 13th Gen Intel Core processors

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2023-01-04 05:49
ASRock Industrial released today various fanned Mini PCs powered by Raptor Lake-P Intel processors. Some of these Mini-PCs offer support for DDR5-4800MHz, dual 2.5GbE LAN, Wi-Fi6E and 4K@60Hz quad-displays. The NUCS 1300 BOX Series (Slim form-factor) and the NUC 1300 BOX Series are offered with the following 13th Gen Intel Core processors: i5-1340P — 12C/16T […]
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Low-Power BLE/NFC modules support Azure RTOS and FreeRTOS

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2023-01-03 08:13
The CBT250 from CEL is a low power IoT module built around the QN9090 Bluetooth 5.0/NFC chipset from NXP Semiconductors. This module integrates a Cortex-M4 processor clocked at 48MHz and it also offers support for various interfaces such as I2C, SPI, UART, PWM, I2S, etc. The datasheet for this product mentions that the CBT250 is […]
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Edge Computing device powered by Celeron CPU and RPi 2040

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2023-01-03 06:18
The SenseCAP M4 Square is an edge computing solution integrating a Quad-core J4125 processor and a Dual-core RP 2040 microcontroller as a coprocessor. This device offers a 2.5GbE port, dual 4K@60Hz displays and it can run FluxOS for web3.0 dAPPs. As mentioned earlier, the SenseCAP M4 Square features the following Celeron processor with 14nm architecture […]
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Open source ESP32 module supports 5G and GPS connectivity

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2023-01-02 08:58
The Walter is an upcoming embedded device equipped with the ESP32-S3 microcontroller along with a GM02SP module for NB-IoT, LTE-M and GPS protocols. The board will also be CE and FCC certified to accelerate customers’ product development. The ESP32-S3 has been seen in various different products last year, for example, the Bee Motion S3, the […]
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ESP32 based Open Source 3D printer supports MSLA resin

LinuxGizmos - Sun, 2023-01-01 02:24
CrowdSupply recently featured the Lite3DP Gen2 which is a miniature MSLA resin 3D printer built around a ESP32 module from Espressif. This product supports all UV 405-nm resins and it can be configured with optional displays for real-time print progress. The first version of this product was released in 2021 on CrowdSupply as well. The […]
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Arduino compact board equipped 9-axis IMU and supports TinyML

LinuxGizmos - Sat, 2022-12-31 19:05
The Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Rev2 is an embedded platform featuring the NINA-B306 module (nRF52840 SoC) from u-blox. In addition to wireless support (BL + Zigbee), the new Sense Rev2 combines a 6-axis gyroscope/accelerometer sensor, a 3–axis magnetometer and various other sensors for data acquisition.  According to the datasheet, the Sense Rev2 integrates the […]
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Xiaomi first Mini PC features 12th Gen Intel Core i5

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2022-12-29 20:39
The XM22AL5S is Xiaomi’s first Mini PC featuring the i5 1240 processor (12-Cores/16-Threads). The device is equipped with one 2.5GbE LAN port, 2x Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2x HDMI ports, an active cooling system and WiFi6/Bluetooth 5.3. As of publication date, the XM22AL5S Mini PC is offered only with the Core i5-1240P processor with 7nm architecture.  […]
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Industrial Edge Controller powered by ESP32-S3 module

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2022-12-28 08:50
The EdgeBox-ESP-100 is a rugged controller equipped with the ESP32-S3 SoC. This new product from SeeedStudio offers support for fieldbus solutions as 1x CAN Bus, 1x RS485. Ethernet LAN port, and other isolated peripherals. Unlike other SeeedStudio products from the Edge Series (i.e. EdgeBox-RPi-200/1000), the EdgeBox-ESP-100 integrates the following ESP32 SoC.  ESP32-S3 – Xtensa 32-bit […]
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Lichee Pi 4A RISC-V platform available for pre-order

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2022-12-27 07:30
Sipeed recently unveiled their latest embedded platform based on a RISC-V processor. The Lichee Pi 4A System-on-Module is compatible with a carrier board providing access to dual GbE LAN ports, display support, one microSD card, etc. According to the product announcement, the Lichee Pi 4A features the TH1520 System-on-Chip which consists of a Quad-core C910 […]
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Lenovo reveals Mini PC equipped with Intel’s 13th Gen Intel Core processors

LinuxGizmos - Sun, 2022-12-25 22:55
This week, Lenovo released details about their upcoming consumer products including their newest IdeaCentre Mini PC. The Lenovo’s 01IRH8 will integrate Intel’s latest 13th Gen Processors, support for Gen4 SSD storage, Wi-Fi6 and other peripherals. Lenovo’s press release mentioned that this Mini-PC will support “up to next-gen Intel Core i7 processors.” To be more specific, […]
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Waveshare module integrates 6-axis IMU and 1.28” IPS LCD

LinuxGizmos - Sat, 2022-12-24 07:42
The WaveShare RP2040 is an open-source embedded platform based on the Raspberry Pi 2040 microcontroller. This board is equipped with one 1.28” IPS LCD, one 6-axis IMU, various GPIOs and one connector for a 3.7V Lithium battery. As its name implies, the Waveshare RP2040 is equipped with the RP2040 microcontroller: Raspberry Pi RP2040 –  dual […]
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M5Stack ESP32 module supports PoE

LinuxGizmos - Fri, 2022-12-23 06:53
The PoESP32 is a compact module from M5Stack that is equipped with a RJ45 port with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) support. The device can be used in applications that involve HTTP, MQTT and similar communication protocols.  The PoESP32 is offered with the following ESP32 SoC: ESP32-WROOM-32U — dual core (up to 240 MHz); 600 DMIPS, 520 KB […]
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Silicon Labs dev board integrates Wireless SoC

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2022-12-21 08:39
The xG24 Explorer Kit is a low-cost embedded platform based on the EFR32MG24 Wireless System-on-Chip. This compact board integrates a 2.4GHz radio in addition to one mikroBUS socket, one Qwicc connector and a SEGGER J-Link onboard debugger. According to the datasheet, this development kit integrates the Silicon Labs EFR32MG24 Wireless Gecko SoC with the following […]
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$16.00 Arducam Mega supports SPI interface

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2022-12-21 05:54
The Arducam Mega is a low-power camera compatible with any microcontroller that supports SPI protocol. This embedded camera is offered in 3MP/5MP variants and it supports a fully open-source SDK for software development.  According to the product page, the Arducam Mega should be compatible with any 3.3V and 5V microcontroller that supports SPI interface. The […]
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LILYGO T-CAMERA S3 includes display and PIR sensor

LinuxGizmos - Sun, 2022-12-18 17:26
The T-CAMERA S3 is a compact embedded module based on the low power ESP32-S3 SoC supporting dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2. The device is equipped with an OV2640 camera module, a 0.96” OLED display, a PIR sensor and a few JST connectors for additional devices.  The T-CAMERA S3 integrates the following ESP32 module enabled with […]
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SB Components presents a DIY laptop powered by Raspberry Pi 4

LinuxGizmos - Sun, 2022-12-18 06:49
SB Components just launched a user-friendly DIY modular laptop on Kickstarter. The LapPi 2.0 is being offered with the Raspberry Pi 4 board, but the company mentioned that the product should be compatible with other SBCs i.e., RockPi, Asus Tinker, etc. LapPi 2.0 components include a pair of 5 Watt 8 Ohm speakers, a 7” […]
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Asus launches fanless Mini-PC equipped 12th Gen Intel Core processors

LinuxGizmos - Sat, 2022-12-17 08:55
This week, Asus released a rugged Mini-PC powered by i7/i5/i3 and Celeron Alder Lake processors from Intel. The PL64 comes in a metal chassis and it can handle triple 4K displays, dual LAN ports, two M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSDs, integrated Wi-Fi 6E/BT support, etc.  Asus specified that the new PL64 is offered with any of […]
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